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sad pinkie by hoyeechun

This is my first critique so forgive any formalities I may overlook. Ok, negative thoughts first. Conceptually and visually there is no...



sad pinkie by hoyeechun
This is my first critique so forgive any formalities I may overlook. Ok, negative thoughts first. Conceptually and visually there is nothing really new here. Not only are you playing on some very basic character traits but you didn't really try to grow as an artist with this one. At least not that I can see. I only know this because I follow your work regularly and you are great at these head on adorable shots. But that's just it. Your already great at it. On top of that we see this kind of thing appear often within mlp fanart.

Now for the useless praise. Do I even have to say that its cute? I mean really, by now, you must know that your style and proportions mesh very well with the mlp character design. You take something already adorable and increase its adorability (shut up spell check) by a significant margin. Its totally expected but that's not a bad thing.

What got you 4 stars on the technique in this was actually the background. If left totally black the image would be unbalanced. If given a background similar to others you have done it would as well be unbalanced since you are violating established compositions rules with where pinkie and fluttershy are. Your choice of backgrounds was simple but did a great job of framing a pic that easily could have been awkward to look at.

That's my two cents anyway.
I took a break from working on my cards after the beta release.  It keeps me from betting burned out and when I came back I got a nice surprise.  Two of my close friends had been working on it and came up with some great ideas!  Mostly it was card effects and the balancing of the respective card types, according to their intended theme. 

It was such  a great moral booster. 

My next order of business is...

1.  Implement the balance modifications suggested (and proven viable) by my test group.

2.  Develop a play mat.  This will include a overworld map on one side that serves as the play area and also states the rules.  The other side will consist of lore and a charming little comic.

3.  Begin preparation for a march comic-toy convention.  This includes a full base set of cards (100+), packaging for both the decks, the packs, and the pack boxes as well as displays, a kickstarter, and an actual company name/logo.

I also need to look into what it takes to get a cartoon off the ground.  That is a lofty goal but I have no intention of playing a low risk strategy.  I want this dammit. 



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Cyn26 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
I am curious to know if you are planning to make some sort of pc game to go with it,since you have the capabilities? Or action figures or something since they are fairly easy to make
Valronic Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
Oh yes there is a vitual version in the works but unfortunately i have to put everything on hold until i get the legal side taken care of.  This may result in a much later future release.  However I wont forget the first folks who bought my game and I have every intention of throwin cool stuff your way.just give me some time. ^_^'
CrystalTheHedgehog13 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey~ Thank you for letting me play and subsequently buy some decks of Regime at LexCon today! I'm really looking forward to where it goes! <3
Valronic Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
I will keep you posted!  Due to a family emergency I have been a little slow in getting back to everyone but rest assured, there will be a great deal more in terms of events and cards.
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I fulfilled ur request!
Valronic Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
This is awesome!  Wait...what request?
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You said to make more
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Happy anniversary of your escape from the womb!
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