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A Song Under the Pale Moonlight by TysonTan

This is a beautiful image. Everything from the angle of the clouds to the tilt of his cybernetic ears contributes to the wonderful focu...

Mass Of The Sun by Underpable

Let me start by saying I really like the vast majority of what you produce, as well as the concept at work here. Cilestia being fat off...

sad pinkie by hoyeechun

This is my first critique so forgive any formalities I may overlook. Ok, negative thoughts first. Conceptually and visually there is no...



Entry 4: Day 5

   I have gained a new appreciation for the word "mile".  As well as the word "meal".  I am subsisting mostly off of a type of desert crayfish.  They live on the muddy roots of the oasis trees.  Conveniently, they are easily captured and the trees provide cover from the crage.  Sadly the crayfish does have a rather effective primary defense in the form of a horrid taste.  

Entry 5: Day 5

   Today was slow, but I am confident.  Any day now I will see the airships reclaiming our lost land and routing these savage beasts.  I march westward in hopes salvation.  There must be a front line at this point.  I will find it.  In the mean time its cray for breakfast lunch and dinner...with a side of mineral water.

Entry 6: Day 7

   I am doomed.  Undone.  I am not exactly sure where I am but there are miles of open desert between me and the nearest oasis.  The crage patrol the skies with regularity.  To try to cross would be suicide.  The patrols pass at a rate of three times a day, and it's at least a two day hike across this expanse.      
Journal of professor Nylus 2
A few more entries in the good professors journal.  

First :
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Professor Nylus Journal

Entry 1:
  On the bright side, I finally have an excuse to get my new journal underway.   When one suffers loss it's important to remain focused on small pleasures that don't really matter.  They can see you through quite alot.  Be it a broken heart, a failed ambition, or in my case... the destruction of ones town and the very real chance I won't live until daybreak tomorrow.

Could be worse.  I could be with those other gormless reprobates.

Entry 2:
   I really should put a date on these.  Oh I always forget the date and now I'm without my calendar.  This shall be day one then.  Yesterday as I was on one of my usual studies of natures splendor when I saw several crage far outside of their territory.  They besieged the little town I called home while I watched from a nearby hill.  I counted four of the massive beasts circling above and diving into the populous with their teeth and claws.  

   It was a noisy tragedy.  Make no mistake, I despised the local folk and they shunned me.  However this was far beyond any ill ever wished between us.  Why were they here? Why now? Where is our military and their airships?

   For heaven's sake why didn't I bring more food?

Entry3: Day 2
   Now this is odd.  The town is destroyed but the crage aren't performing the merciless slaughter I had assumed. They seem to be herding the poor sods in groups down the main road.  Stragglers are killed if they find themselves too far behind.  This doesn't bode well for me as my lone self certainly qualifies as behind.  

 Crage aren't stupid.  Where I to wager a guess this would be to slow down any potential retaliation by the military.  Honestly I should be thinking about how I am to survive.  Nature itself poses enough of a threat without its crowning apex predator out for me.  With the crage sailing the skies, every move I make has to be under vertical cover.
Journal of Professor Nylus
A quick little read for anybody wanting to kill a few seconds.  There will be more.  Set in the REGIME:a game of strategy and skill universe cannon.

Next :
Hasel Color Change by Valronic
Hasel Color Change
After a bit of advice from some helpful souls I made a slight recolor and composition change.  Even though its just a color slider it demonstrates the value of avoiding color clashes.  Currently I will be practicing better backgrounds and color study.
I asked this once before about 2 years ago and the answer was a very polite "No".  Well I have gotten a bit better and wanted to ask again.  These two images are where my skill is at for the moment.

Hasel of Varmestad by Valronic
Valronic by Valronic
I know its all subjective and whatnot but lets be real.  If you pay for art of any kind you expect a level of quality.  If you forked over money for a robot or a dragontaur, would these meet your expectations?  I have thick skin when it comes to this kinda stuff so don't worry about hurting my feelings.
With my next set right around the corner and a decent amount of experience under my belt, I have some high hopes for this year.  Gonna keep most of it to myself but I will say that the REGIME card game is about to pick up some serious steam.


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Corbin Barker
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United States
I'm all about games. I can find something to love in just about all of them. This obsession has driven me make my own card game.

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